Hotspot Shield vs Surfshark

Hotspot Shield vs Surfshark

The article will explain the difference between two prominent software tools and compare their advantages and drawbacks.

What you should know about VPN services

Digital society impacts the whole network business development. Growing popularity of VPNs, which are virtual network services, are provided for everyday use to accomplish basic Internet activities hiding your personal information. You are invisible for interested parties and can reach any server you wish. Your internet use is encrypted and you can swim in the Net anonymously because you’re changing your location entirely. The services are straightforwardly available for running on different multiple devices.

Changing your IP and applying privacy value is not all about VPNs. Best tools are presented with a wider user. Some of them are excellent for streaming on different gadgets. Others provide brilliant access to Netflix movies. You can easily watch your favourite movie or TV show while traveling to another city or country. Viewing your preferred options that are forbidden might be simple by changing location with the advanced software tools.

General info about the best software in 2021

Reaching new locations virtually to get more access to the needed information is not a big deal if you know how to do it properly. With the leading software you are ready to change your IP addresses and move forward to your desired websites. Selecting Hotspot Shield for this reason would be rather wise. It is supported on 5 devices. The application is affordable to purchase from more than 80 countries. It is accessible on multiple operating systems. Hotspot Shield payment plans are available for users with three differentiated plans and preferable discounts.

Another valuable service is SurfShark with its usability and easy to use interface. It is unlimited for handling on any number of devices you need. The app is achievable at 65 locations. Trial period makes it easy to test the software and obtain it with a discount. It depends on your aim why you’re using the program and what for. In any case, you will be satisfied with the basic characteristics of the software tool.

Detalized overview

Pros and cons of Surfshark

What you like

  • Unlimited device supported
  • Affordable price and discounts
  • Perfect unlocking
  • Easy to use, easy to navigate

What you don’t like

  • Sometimes bad speeds
  • Additional functions missing

Pros and cons of Hotspot Shield

Reasons to choose

  • Best for streaming
  • Easy to use
  • Exclusive pricing packages
  • Rapid connections

Reasons not to choose

  • Bad iPhone app
  • Lack of privacy functions


Overall, with so much at stake, you have to search for the most qualified software options to accomplish your business and routine Internet activities. You should apply the speedy and quality performance on your devices with the VPNs. You need to view their advantages and drawbacks to overlook your attitude and choose the perfect one to purchase best results. Taking advantage of free trials you can easily test the chosen app monitoring whether it is supported on your device and deal with needed tasks with ease. Select the appropriate software not to lose your personal progress and ensure privacy value and high protective measures.