Outdoor Dog Houses

Outdoor Dog Houses

How to Pick from the Best Outdoor Dog Houses?

At some point, every dog gets to go outside and sometimes even stay in your backyard. It can be for a few hours as well as permanently. In this case, it’s essential to have a doghouse, a good reliable one. The variety of options on the market can be overwhelming at times. There are lots of brands that manufacture all sorts of dog houses. Let’s discuss some major things about how to make the right choice.

A Simple Way to Calculate the Perfect Fit

The ultimate question is how to get a perfect size. Outdoor dog houses come in all sorts of sizes. The general requirement is that the dog can stand in it, turn around and lie down/stretch out. So, to pick the best option, you’ll have to get your dog’s size. This way you’ll get the starting numbers to add to the formula. Many formulas can be applied to calculate the perfect size of the outdoor dog house. Mind that it’s usually advised to add about 9 inches to the dog’s height, 18 inches to the length, and 12 inches to the width to get a good size dog house.

Keep in mind that bigger is not always better. The dog should have enough free space and be able to keep the place warm with the heat of the body. Too big houses can turn out to be quite cold. It’s also a good idea to get the uplifted floor. In this case, rain and snow won’t increase the humidity and the house will be warmer.

Useful Tips to Help You Make Your Choice

In case you feel at a loss and have no idea of how to pick the best from hundreds of outdoor dog houses, there is a trick one should know about. Some manufacturers offer pre-made dog houses for certain breeds. You can use this information to get a more suitable option. There are other guidelines you can use to help you. For instance, some models have weight limits, especially if the house is used to transport the pet. This shouldn’t be your only determining factor though.

You can start by exploring the top brands in this niche. They include:

  • Merry Pet,
  • Suncast,
  • Petsfit,
  • Tangkula,
  • Petmate, etc.

Aside from the size and the brand, you must pick the material you want. There are wooden, plastic, and metal dog houses. The wood is said to serve you longer but it can attract pests, fleas, etc. Plastic ones don’t have the pores and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. However, they are less warm and can have some sharp edges. Each type has its pros and cons. That’s why, you should take into account your preferences, climate, and backyard design.

When choosing the crate, the dimension requirements are very similar to the outdoor dog house. The only exception is when you travel elsewhere. In this case, you’ll also have to add the airline requirements to the equation. These crates complete differ from the ones you may install in your backyard.

All in all, there are many factors you can use to get the best outdoor dog houses. The most important one, however, is your taste as well as the dog’s preferences and habits. Pick something cozy and durable in the price range you can afford.