TotalAV Review: The Ultimate Antivirus

TotalAV Review: The Ultimate Antivirus

Even though TotalAV is not a famous brand in the security sphere, it provides significant antivirus capabilities with useful features. TotalAV review confirmed a reliable work and careful checking of all files, which enhanced with an exciting pricing policy that makes a difference. In short, this antivirus should be regarded for those who are looking for cheap but interesting features.


When it comes to antivirus choosing, the most important thing is usually protection against malware, ransomware, spyware, and other attacks on PC. TotalAV is rather suitable for this despite the fact that the company is very young. Even lack of reputation as of competitors, its protection withstands many opponents. Tests for scanning and defining the folders with downloaded malware did not show perfect results, but more than two-thirds of the malicious files were detected and blocked.

The work with viruses is even better as the antivirus detects almost all infected files and properly proceed with them: move to quarantine or delete. What relates to online security, using TotalAV security tools allows scanning for harmful malware and checking for suspicious links. It would be better to use the Web Shield extension if you prefer Chrome or Firefox as default browsers.

Finally, the regarded antivirus has a firewall to protect a PC against any incoming attacks. Moreover, the user can remotely control the firewall settings for all the devices to stay safe. If your device starts downloading a dangerous file or malware, an appropriate firewall setting can notify the owner before it could turn into a huge problem.

Additional benefits and useful features

  • VPN software. Those who decided to buy TotalAV as the antivirus will be pleasantly surprised as the company gives a quite reliable VPN service. Tens of servers and countries to rely on in the internet safety are facilitated with 256-bit AES-CBC encryption to mention a few most important features.
  • A variety of forms and methods to contact specialists will surprise even advanced users. Emails, online chats, ability to call and some other variants show a user-friendly attitude of TotalAV towards their clients.
  • Advanced UI. It seems that in the era of broad web development, such an item could not be a benefit, but TotalAV makes a difference. Essential settings and most often used features are presented in the most straightforward way to make usage of the product easy.
  • Developed software. Among the most critical features of modern IT products are resource usage and a variety of devices that could be under protection. TotalAV is available on all the most common platforms, while even the full PC scanning is not grabbing enormous resources.
  • Many people tend to pay attention to this item first of all, but it is not the most substantial benefit that the company presents. It is like an additional bonus to the overall TotalAV review as less than $20/per year for such broad protection seems to be a Christmas gift.


After looking at the price of TotalAV, one cannot believe that there are some negative aspects related to this product. To be honest, they are present, and their scales one will decide himself. Firstly, the installation process should be mentioned as it exaggerated with preparation procedures and the necessity to register even for a free version. Secondly, the scanning process lacks variations (fast or quick), which forces the client to spend some time while checking. Lastly, some of the features on Mac are not working appropriately, which can be added with only Chrome and Firefox adapted web protection.

All in all, this product has both reliable advantages and unfortunate drawbacks, but the company’s development temps forces to pay your attention to TotalAV.